Every child can play and every child can play anywhere. As a child, you don’t choose a place on where you can play because in that age all places seem good for you to have fun. However, a foremost concept of many parents is that a child should only be allowed to play inside the house where they can be properly supervised by parents so as to prevent an injury or an accident from occurring since they believe the child at that age is unable to take care of themselves.


While this is true but it is unnecessary to only allow a child to have fun inside the house and to prevent the child from going out into the gardens, or playground to have fun. The truth is that only a few parents believe in taking their children to the playground and outdoor places for them to have fun. But what many parents are yet to understand is that there are a lot of benefits to be derived by the child when he plays outdoor than indoor, especially when the child is allowed to play on a safe playground.


A playground is a safe place where children can play to the limit they desire, given the large open space and the many assorted types of equipment’s which the children would love to play with on the playground. A good playground consists of a large space which is planned in such a way where the child can play to the limit and take part in athletic activities like running, making a mess, jumping, hiding, make an exploring and do a lot of baby pleasant activities.


Factors like the design, the types of children involved in the play, the quality of the playground, adult supervision, safety procedures, play equipment, accessibility and a host of many other factors determine how good a playground is for the use of a child. There should be a kind of limitation to the type of plays which must be encouraged on the playground. It is necessary for one not to mix academic activities with playtime for the children so as not to make them feel comfortable playing even during academic hours.

A foremost reason why outdoor play should be encouraged for children is that there are many growing up tasks which the child must achieve or should achieve at that age which could actually prepare him for growing up, tasks such as exploring the playground environment, risk-taking, fine and gross motorized growth, learning environment and experience and other factors which can help the child grow up in a complete way.


The truth is that the technological age has caused more for the decline of kids who patronize the playground for play than any other factor in the developed countries of today. Activities which are aiming to replace physical activities such as unsafe neighborhood, over excessive TV and computer use, busy or tired parents, irresponsible nannies and other modern reasons have contributed to the decline in the reduction in the number of kids today that patronize the outdoor playgrounds.


This reason has seen the decline in the proper educational growth for the kids as more kids today continue to lack the proper dexterity needed for taking up on school tasks. This is as a result of a no play outside situation which has led their motor skills to depreciate instead of appreciating. Also, the elimination of school recess activities today, low academic standards and low level of kids exercising has contributed to a decreased state of learning for the children.

The outdoor play as well can make children understand themselves better. A child who plays on the swing can push himself to the limit when swinging and control himself as he swings and when he falls he knows that he must not swing too hard or too less. This is all part of learning about themselves, the child in this state is more likely to grow up having confidence in himself and therefore possess a high self-esteemed attitude.


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The need for a child to engage in physical exercises should not be taken lightly, this is because the child needs to grow his large motor and little motor skills to enhance his cardiovascular tolerance. A report given by Gallahue in 1993, reported that any child who is denied the proper motor development and movement skill which his body deserves in his little age is going to find adjusting to public life a bit difficult and so, he encourages that parents or guardians should let their children play outdoors to enhance their small and large motor skills as they grow up. In an article written it states that a child is prepared for adulthood by given all the time to play away during his childhood days.

Also, the idea of a child having an obesity is bound to happen if the child is not properly exercised or given the proper physical activity his body needs to develop properly. There is a need for the child to go outdoors to play or to play on a playground because this is necessary for his proper development.

This would make them know better what their world feels like and taste like while growing up. It makes them smarter and makes them better acquainted with a school life. The children who have healthy outside play is more likely to love subjects like math, ecology, biology, gardening, ornithology, geography and all other science subjects.

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